Young people's mental health

Help change the lives of thousands of children experiencing emotional and mental health problems
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Our frontline mental health services

We run services around the country for young people who are desperately in need of mental health support.

Services include therapeutic support, befriending, counselling or advice.

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The award-winning vlogger and 'Internet's Big Sister' Grace Victory will be joining us and YoungMinds in an inquiry into the impact of social media bullying on children and young people's mental health. As part of our inquiry we are asking young people aged 11-25 to share their views on social media, online bullying, and the impact on young people's mental health

Join our campaign to stop debt’s damage to children’s mental health

Problem debt leaves families and young people feeling stressed, anxious and depressed.

Children living in families struggling with debt are five times more likely to be unhappy than children in families who don’t have difficulty with debt.

Our Debt Trap campaign is calling on the Government to give families a breathing space to repay their debts, so children don’t pay the price with their mental health.

Poor mental health: The links between child poverty and mental health problems

Access Denied, our first policy report on young people’s mental health, examines how vulnerable groups of young people such as victims of abuse and neglect or children in care access Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).

Poor Mental Health, our most recent report provides evidence to show that children who live in poverty are exposed to risks that can have a serious impact on their mental health. Despite this our research found that only 1 in 10 mental health trusts see children in poverty as a priority group for access to mental health services.

How we are helping young people experiencing mental health problems

Huge numbers of children and young people in England are experiencing emotional and mental health problems but they are failing to access adequate services.

We are working to change how the most vulnerable young people access the mental health services they need through our innovative frontline services, ground-breaking research and extensive campaigning.

Ask the Government to ensure exploited children have better access to mental health support

The Policing and Crime Bill is a vital opportunity to ensure young people who have been sexually abused get the help they need early, before reaching crisis.

We’re calling on MPs to support an amendment to the Bill which is currently going through Parliament.

Please support our Seriously Awkward campaign to ensure young people get the protection and support they need.

Five ways to well-being for children

Children and young people can help maintain their own well-being - and parents can help.

Research on children's emotional well-being

Since 2005 we have investigated the emotional well-being of 10 and 12-year-old children in England.

The Good Childhood Report 2015 found that overall children in England are unhappier with their lives than those in 13 other countries.

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One in ten young people experience a mental health problem, which is usually not properly addressed.

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