We help the country's most disadvantaged children. Here are some of their stories, told in their words.

Akash's story, a child refugee

Akash, a teenage refugee

Struggling with his immigration status and, as a subsequence, his mental health, Akash was introduced to us for support. This is his story.

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Marnie's story, learning about the dangers of child sexual exploitation


When Marnie was sixteen she was struggling to make friends and was falling behind with her school work. Her confidence was low and she felt lonely, so she turned to the internet.

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John's story, coping with mental health and emotional well-being


John found it hard to make friends at school and his behaviour got him into a lot of trouble. One of our mentors increased his confidence and helped him deal with his anger.

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Sophie's story, a former runaway


Just after her 16th birthday and with difficulties at home, Sophie started going missing. After being referred to The Children's Society by the police Sophie worked with a project worker who, over five months, helped her to understand the risks and dangers of going missing.

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Jenny's story, dealing with substance misuse


Jenny was physically and emotionally abused by her step mum for over five years. As she grew older she turned to alcohol and drugs to calm her down. Juliet, one of our counsellors helped her deal with her emotions and past trauma.

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Sarah's story, supporting children in care


Sarah was put in care when she was 10. She kept being moved around different foster parents, and she started running away. Her worker Zoe supported her to settle into a long term foster placement.

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We fight for change, supporting disadvantaged children to have better lives.