Our work on substance misuse 

Jenny was physically and emotionally abused by her step mum for over five years. She was referred to The Children’s Society where staff supported her to reduce her drug taking and drinking. She also saw a counsellor who helped her cope with her emotions better. This is her story. 

As soon as my dad left the house, I'd get hit

I got abused by my step mum for five years.

As soon as my dad left the house, I’d get hit.

I’d get fags thrown at my face. She chucked bleach in my eyes.

I’d get beaten to the point where I’d have to go in hospital.

She broke my foot and threw a plant pot over my head. She slapped me across my face and ripped all my clothes up.

While I was asleep, she got her sons to beat me up.

When my dad left my step mum it was fine for a while. It was just us and my brother Jordan, he’s 17. Then he met Tracy and he wasn’t the same old dad. He wouldn’t hit us, but he used his mouth, so we’d shout back. Life at home was horrible and I hated it.

Without alcohol and weed I felt angry

I found out about The Children’s Society while I was on a Child Protection Plan because of the abuse.

When I first came, I used to push everyone around, do drugs, drink and sleep with every guy that I saw. I was doing legal highs, cannabis and pills every day and drinking.

Weed and alcohol calmed me down. Without it, I felt angry.

But they spoke to me and told me the best way to deal with things.

My counsellor

I met Juliet, the best counsellor ever.

I used to cut myself a lot and wouldn’t take off my blazer at school because I didn’t want to show my arms. I was suicidal.

My counsellor told me why I did it.

She told me I had a lot of stress and my past is really hard for me to get out of my head.

My feelings were everywhere and she helped me a lot.

A month ago, my mum and dad kicked me out and The Children’s Society helped me then.

I'm not the same Jenny as a year ago

It’s going okay. I’m going to study hairdressing at college and want to travel the world. I want to move to an island and open my own hairdressing salon.

I think my friends see a difference in me since I started coming to The Children’s Society.

I’m not starting fights and I’m more polite. I know my dad’s proud of me. The Children’s Society knows everything about my life.

They’ve helped me and I’m not the same Jenny I was a year ago.