Help us stop child sexual exploitation

No child should ever be sexually exploited.
Strengthen the law to protect 16 and 17 year olds from child sexual exploitation.

What can you do to stop child sexual exploitation?

We all have a role in stopping child sexual exploitation. With 16,500 children at high risk of sexual exploitation in England, it’s important you know how to protect the children you love by recognising the signs and symptoms of exploitation.

We have outlined guidance for individuals who suspect a child is in danger of CSE, as well as practitioners who work with children and young people.

Watch Emily's story

Children as young as 10 are being targeted for sexual exploitation in every type of community across the country. Too many young people today aren’t getting the help they need, but together we can change the writing on their walls. You can help children draw a line through sexual abuse.

Our services for children and young people

All children and young people are at risk of being sexually exploited, regardless of age, gender or where they live. We support children and young people intensively to cope with the trauma of child sexual exploitation through the services we provide. We help both children and young people at risk of CSE, and those who have already experienced it.

Are you a commissioner? Find out how you can work with us to combat child sexual exploitation.

Old enough to know better

Our latest report looks at why sexually exploited older teenagers are being overlooked and failed across the country. By speaking to case workers, social workers, the police and young people who have been sexually exploited themselves, we have provided ground-breaking insight into the causes and effects of child sexual exploitation in England today.

Donate so we can help more than 1,000 children stay safe

We want to double our support to help more than 1,000 young people stay safe and rebuild their lives through our specialist services across the country. But we need your help so we can help them.

Our work over the past 20 years

We first campaigned to change the way the authorities deal with child sexual exploitation over 20 years ago in 1995. Since then we have lobbied the government to act on the link between child sexual exploitation and children who run away from home, and those leaving care.

Watch Becky's story

Right now, children are being sexually abused by adults they thought they could trust. Becky was a teenager when she was sexually exploited online and by her 'boyfriend'. Vulnerable children like Becky are being groomed and raped by relatives, ‘friends’, ‘boyfriends’ and ‘girlfriends’. Many of these children have no one else to turn to and are desperate for love and affection.

She was helped by us, but there are many other young people who are victims of CSE across the country and we want to be able to help more of them.

What is child sexual exploitation? What do you need to know?

Learn about what CSE is, the form that child sexual exploitation takes and children who are at risk.

Support our Seriously Awkward campaign

Being 16 and 17 can be an awkward age, but inconsistent laws can make it Seriously Awkward for vulnerable teens. Thousands of 16 and 17 year olds are often left without help and the law fails to give them the same basic protections as younger children. This includes the police not being able to protect this age group in the same way they can protect under 16 year olds and problems getting therapeutic support.

That’s why we’re campaigning to improve protections in the law, increase access to services and make sure that no 16 and 17 year old at risk of harm is left with nowhere to turn to.

Seen and heard

All staff working across health care settings should be able to spot the signs of child sexual abuse and exploitation and feel confident to step in and support a young person who may be at risk.

In 2015, we were commissioned by the Department of Health to produce an e-learning package for staff located across healthcare settings to help them recognise the signs of abuse. The package, Seen and Heard, includes a hard hitting film and aims to reach up to 750,000 healthcare professionals.