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We believe that all children deserve a good childhood. But right now around 4 million children in the UK – one in four – live in poverty. At the same time, neglect and a failure to meet young people’s fundamental needs are blighting too many lives. 

That’s why we campaign for the most vulnerable children and young people who face poverty and neglect, to tackle injustice and protect them from harm.

By joining our campaigns, you help us build momentum and demand the change that children need. The more people who support us, the louder our voice will be – and the more impact we will have.

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The Debt Trap: End the damage to children

Children shouldn’t have to pay the price of debt with their mental health

Seriously Awkward: Protect older teenagers

We are calling on the Government to strengthen the law so all children and young people experiencing exploitation get the protection they need.

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A fairer start for care leavers

We are asking councils to make care leavers exempt from paying council tax up to the age of 25

Seriously Awkward campaigners in Brighton

What kind of campaigner are you?

Are you a vocal activist, or a behind the scenes organiser? Take the quiz to find out

a cardboard box with the words 'handle with care' written on it

Handle with Care: Supporting children in care in Greater Manchester

A year after launching our campaign, our recommendations were formally agreed to by the Greater Manchester Authority

Care leavers and financial exclusion

Many young people struggle with their finances when living independently for the first time. But this is a particularly difficult period for care leavers as they don’t have family to support them. We are campaigning to make sure care leavers have better financial stability.

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Campaign successes

Find out more about victories as a result of our Fair and Square, Make Runaways Safe and End Forced Destitution campaigns.

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Why we campaign

We must improve the lives of the most vulnerable children in our country

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How to campaign

Our campaigns involve a lot of people coming together to build momentum and make change happen. Use these guides to find out how you could make a difference.